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Top Three Coffee Alternatives

As the weather gets colder, nothing is better than warming your soul with a hot cup of.. well, anything!  I try to be mindful of my coffee consumption, and I’m not always in the mood for hot cocoa.  So, here are a few alternatives to coffee that have become favorites around here. I’ve included affiliate links, in case you can’t find them in your local grocery store (or if you’re like me and would rather it just show up on its own.  Full disclosure HERE)

Dandy Blend

This is probably my favorite of the coffee alternatives.  Dandy Blend is a powdered mix of roasted roots, including dandelion and chicory, and it dissolves completely in water.  One thing is for sure – you don’t need a lot.  When you make your first cup, start with less than you think you need.  If it’s too weak, add a little more.  When you have your first sip, if your mind is set expecting it to taste like coffee, it doesn’t.  It has the richness of coffee for sure, but the flavor is much different.  This is pretty nutty.  I especially love this with my french vanilla creamer.

Lemongrass Chai

There’s an Indian grocery store here in CT, about a half hour drive from my house.  Their hot foods are worth the drive.  and I love their store.  I found these boxes of chai drink mixes – flavored cardamom, masala, and lemongrass.  I expected to like the cardamom and the masala.  I didn’t have high hopes for the lemongrass, but I gave it a fair shot.  Guys, it’s my favorite.  It’s crave worthy.

When I bought it in the store, the boxes were $3 and $4 each.  The lemongrass chai is ridiculously expensive on line.  The link I’m putting below is the best value I found.  But I’d feel better if you found it cheaper in a store.

Sleepytime Vanilla

An entire drawer of my coffee bar is dedicated just to tea.  Every time I find an oddball tea, it goes it the tea drawer.  For all the tea I’ve tried, I’ve found that any blend with vanilla in it is boss.  Vanilla just give tea a richness, and if you’re a coffee drinker, you probably like rich.  Sleeptime Vanilla is hands down my favorite.  It’s a blend of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, and vanilla.  Bonus – this makes a bomb iced tea.  No sugar needed.

So, what are YOUR favorite alternatives to coffee?









    1. LOL sometimes I just add some of the chai right into the coffee! But I usually hide it way in the back of the coffee bar stash.. If people see it than I have to share it!

  1. More coffee? LOL! I love English Breakfast Tea – with caffeine. I need my caffeine fix to get me through the morning. The Lemongrass Chai sounds delicious – I’ll check it out.

    1. For me, sometimes I’m in the mood for a hot, rich beverage, but I know if I have any more caffeine I’ll be no good.. These satisfy the craving without making me jittery..

  2. You just answered my most hopeless question: what would be a delicious alternative for coffee? My husband is a coffee addict and I’ve been on the hunt for a healthier option since he drinks so much of it every day. I will give these a try. Thank you!

    1. Awesome! I hope he likes them! There isn’t any caffeine so you don’t get the drug-kick from them, but the hot-richness can definitely go toe-to-toe with a good cup of coffee.

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