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Stracciatella Soup

This is one of my favorite simple real food dishes.  Stracciatella is an Italian egg soup, and there are so many ways to switch it up.  It’s a nutritious late night snack – you can make yourself a bowl in under 10 minutes.  When I’m feeling a little under the weather, this is usually the only thing I can eat.  It works as any meal of the day.  This is just something I think everyone should know how to make.

So without further adieu,

Your basic ingredients, for a single bowl:

1 cup chicken stock, homemade or your favorite brand.  (Kirkland from Costco is my favorite, it’s really good.)

1 egg, beaten

Nutmeg (if you’ve never used the whole nutmeg, you don’t know what you’re missing!)

parmesan cheese (I’m partial to block cheese, but you can use grated too.)

salt and pepper to taste

What you do:

Put the chicken stock in a small pot on medium heat.

Beat your egg, and beat in a teaspoon or so of parmesan cheese, a pinch of nutmeg, salt and pepper.

When the stock starts to boil, gently pour the egg in.  You don’t want to beat it into the broth, just let it cook.

The egg is likely to stick to the bottom of the pan as it cooks, gently scrape it up so it doesn’t burn.  A silicone spatula is perfect for this.

When the egg is done, it’ll look like fluffy scrambled eggs.

Pour it in your bowl, and garnish with a sprinkle more of nutmeg and parmesan cheese.  parsley, salt, and pepper to taste.

Basic? Yes.  Fast? Yup?  Surprisingly delicious? That too!

Simple recipes are so customizable, aren’t they? Very often, I fold in spinach as soon as I turn off the heat.

I like playing with different seasonings.  Sometimes I’ll add a pinch of thyme and cayenne pepper.  I’ll add the cayenne to the broth as it starts to heat up, and the thyme to the eggs.  I always keep crumbled cooked sausage in the freezer, and I’ve used it to make this into a breakfast soup.  I’ve tried it just with egg white instead of the the whole egg, that doesn’t work quite as well.

I’ve never liked the Chinese egg drop soup, but I love this. If you’ve never had this before, I really encourage you to try it. You might be surprised by how much you like it. I was. You know how you pray over your food before you eat it?  The first time I tried this, I actually said in my prayer “but I don’t think I’m gonna like this so thank you for the fact that I have the means to just throw this out and get something else.”













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  1. I’ve made this soup twice now. It’s a great winter recipe! So easy to make, and all the ingredients are easy to find in regular stores. I’m so disappointed when I click on a pin, and see a list of ingredients that are going to require a trip to a specialty grocery store. I haven’t tried the real ginger yet. I just used the powder that I already had. I want to try the fresh though.

    1. Good thing there’s no ginger in the soup!! I’ll tell you how to store it for when you do get it: use the edge of a spoon to gently scrape off all the papery skin. Put it in a plastic baggie and store it in the freezer. When you make something that calls for ginger, just grate off what you need like it’s cheese. Me, I have one of those handled rotary grinders, and I love ginger, so I cut it in chunks before I freeze it and just pop a frozen chunk in the grater..

          1. I’m glad you mentioned being able to freeze spices though. Part of why I haven’t tried the real stuff yet was thinking about all I would probably end up wasting.

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