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How I NEVER Pay for Magazines

Guys, I used to be one of those people that adds a magazine to the conveyor belt in the checkout line, almost without fail.. I do enjoy reading them, but when I add up how much I’ve probably spent over the years, it sickens me.

I still like reading magazines.  In fact, I have a bunch of subscriptions.  Some print, so they come right to my house; others, digital.  And I don’t mean one issue, I mean a full year subscription.  FREE!

There are a bunch of websites that promise you free stuff, and they are usually pretty annoying when you try to collect. But I found one site that is very simple, and does exactly what it says.  (This is not an affiliate or sponsored post, I just really use them and like them.)


Right now, as I write this, there are 12 different magazines you can sign up for to get for free.  I logged in just to give you that count, and signed up for 3 more magazines – Digital Photo Pro & Outdoor Photographer (because I want to start improving my picture taking skills) and Afar (I’ve never seen it before, looks like a fun travel magazine).

You will need to sign up for a free account with them.  If you access the site with a tablet, save a shortcut to your home screen.  It has a Digital Library feature where you can access the magazines that you get digitally, and the webpage itself becomes your e-reader.  Check in with them periodically, the selection changes from time to time.

I’ll tell ya which magazines I get (or have gotten):

DIGITAL:  OK Gossip Magazine, Pain-Free Living, Diabetes Self Management (I don’t have Diabetes, but some family members do.), Field & Stream, Popular Science, Rachael Ray Everyday, Shape, Star, Clean Eating

PRINT, COMES TO MY HOUSE:  Better Homes & Gardens, Woman’s Day, O (Oprah’s Magazine), Good Housekeeping, Outdoor Life

Well, those are the ones I can think of, I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting some.

e-Mail Suggestion:

I don’t use my regular e-mail for marketing stuff.  My regular e-mail is for people and business that I don’t want to be lost in a sea of newsletters and marketing messages.  There are two ways to do this.

1) There are a ton of free email providers, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, whatever.  Get one, and use that for the stuff you don’t really care about.

2) Sign up for TrashMail – TrashMail is a free service that I LOVE.  They know your real address, but that’s fine because they don’t bother you.  You can easily set up temporary email addresses through them to give for marketing purposes.  When you give someone the temporary address, TrashMail will forward whatever emails they send to your real address.  Each TrashMail address can receive up to 10 messages, or 1 month of forwarding, whichever comes first.  You can pay for higher limits, but the free level is fine.  Then the temporary address self-destructs, and you never hear from it again.


Not to be overlooked – The Library.

Most libraries have a system in place that allows you to read magazines while you’re there.  My local library does, but you can’t check them out.  I’ve been known to bring my tablet and scan articles I want to read to PDF and save them for later.  Heck, you can do that at a friend’s house too.

There’s a library in one of our surrounding towns that has a magazine corner, where people can donate magazines after they’ve read them, and others can just take them.  It’s great, because you don’t have to have a library card, be a local resident, or even talk to anyone at the main desk.  You just go in, look through the magazines, take what you want, and leave.  Maybe a library near you has something like that set up?  If not, it’s a good suggestion.

So there it is.. I love sitting in my easy chair with a nice hot beverage, reading a magazine.  Especially when the magazine is free.  Comment below and tell me what what free magazines you’re looking forward to getting..

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