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Pasta Drying Rack Hack

Guys, I can’t call this a tutorial.  I can barely call it DIY.  It’s a hack.

I love fresh pasta.  I don’t have a pasta machine, nor do I have a place to put the pasta to dry it.

I don’t mind rolling the dough out paper thin.  I don’t even mind slicing every piece individually (hey, I kinda like wide noodles.)  But cooling racks in cookie sheets all over the kitchen was getting old.

So I hacked a way to dry my pasta.

I’m so glad a picture is worth a thousand words, because there’s nothing I could tell you about the picture that you can’t see.  It’s literally cup hooks screwed under the cabinet, with dowels.  How can I make a “tutorial” on that?

Maybe I can tell you a little about what I did.  The vision in my head was just hooks and dowels, easy enough, right?  I decided to screw them into the side wall of the cabinet because I was worried that if I attached them to the shelf, they’d poke through the top and I’d have little sharp bumps on the shelf.

There was a part I actually had to think about. I knew I’d have to make sure I measured well, so that the hooks would be not only evenly spaced, but each side had to line up so that the dowel would be straight across.

So I grabbed a piece of scrap wood.

I put one end against the wall, right under the cabinet.  I marked the wood at the front edge of the cabinet.  Then I sat down and marked more lines to determine the hook placement.

Then I used my little ruler wannabe to mark the placement of the hook holes.  Screwed in the hooks, turned them all to face the same way, cut the dowels to fit, sanded the ends, and hung them.

So there it is.

One day I’ll get a nice pasta machine.  (I ordered one with Groupon once but I returned it because it felt really dinky and easily breakable.)

In the meantime, I make my dough, roll it out really thin, and cut it in strips with a knife.   I lay the dowels on a cookie sheet, drape the cut pasta over the dowel (with my chefs knife), then hang the dowel on the hooks.

And it works for me.


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  1. That’s a pretty nice hack. My grandma would make her own egg noodles all the time, and would put them on the dish towels she made! Mom has even made them but now she is in a smaller house until they build their bigger house. I’ll have to share this with her.

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