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3 Small, Easy Projects for the Novice DIYer

There are some really awesome DIYer’s out there, and I love that they share their talent with the world.  If you are new to building things, here are some really easy projects to get you motivated.

I get a lot of inspiration from Whitney and Ashley from www.Shanty-2-Chic.com.  I made this from their plans.  Click the picture for their YouTube video.

This frame of theirs is on my to-do list also.  I found some gorgeous purple pint-sized mason jars that I’m dying to use, but I think they’re a little big for the dimensions of this project.  It’ll be easy to change that up though, just have to measure out how I want it.  Her gallery shelf is so pretty, but I think I’m going to add an extra piece of wood across the back to mount it directly to the wall.  (Their pictures, and houses, are so much nicer than mine…)

The first DIY girl I ever found and started following online was Ana White, from www.Ana-White.com.  Here’s one of her easiest projects.  She does beautiful work, I encourage you to explore all her free plans.  Click the picture for plans for that project.  Click HERE to see the product you can use to produce any color stain you want.  (Her pictures are better than mine too…)

Do you know of a great project that should be added to this list?  Let me know below!




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